5 Koozies Ever Alabamian Should own

Koozies are a part of Alabama tradition as much as barbeque or football. here is a collection of koozies that everyone from Alabama should have in their drawer!

1. The Football Koozie

football-koozie This koozie is shaped and feels like a real football! The roll tide koozieball is one of our favorites and is great for games!







2. Born in the South koozies

southThe Born in the South koozies  from Volunteer traditions is a great addition that shows your southern pride.




3. The Chevron Pattern

chevronThe Chevron Pattern is as south as you can get! A stitch above the the rest has these amazing Alabama Chevron koozies that I absolutely adore!



4. The Custom Koozies

There is Nothing better than to have a koozie say what you want it to say! koozies custom printed from  ExpressImprint.com brings your ideas to life on their custom koozies and they only cost a fraction of the cost of pre-printed ones.





5. The Crimson Tide Knit Koozie

crimson_tide_knitA gift from that grandma can give that you will actually use! The knitted koozies actually make your drink classier! A koozie for a gentleman